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From my early years of globe-trotting due to my diverse heritage, I was exposed to a multitude of cultures that instilled in me a passion for exploring and understanding the world. This curiosity blossomed into a career in psychology and education, driven by a desire to blend cultural insights with professional expertise. Holding a Doctorate in Psychology and certifications in educational therapy, my approach is deeply influenced by my own experiences as a war survivor, immigrant, and polyglot who speaks over six languages.
The complexities of my childhood, marked by war and subsequent immigration to Canada, steered me towards psychology. I specialize in trauma-informed therapy, leveraging my personal background and professional training to offer empathetic and effective support. My practice extends into online therapy, which allows me to overcome challenges such as technological limitations and time zone differences, providing timely and flexible care. This mode of therapy has proven especially valuable in addressing immediate needs of clients experiencing depression, anxiety, and trauma.

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Monthly Cultural Gems . Once a month, we share fascinating cultural insights from our travels. Discover unique traditions, surprising educational moments, and the rich
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Global Education Enthusiasts

Welcome to a world where education transcends traditional classroom walls and borders merge to form a single, expansive learning environment. At LearnTravelPlay, our journey across continents—from Asia and Europe to the Middle East and North America—has not only broadened our horizons but has profoundly shaped our educational philosophy.

World Schooling: A Classroom Without Borders

Inspired by my personal experiences in diverse educational systems worldwide, our schooling approach is unique. We curate the best resources and learning methodologies from various parts of the globe to create an enriching and holistic educational experience. Also, don’t forget to check out our recommended products and services

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We invite you to delve deeper into our unique educational philosophy and connect with a community that is redefining the future of education. Visit our blog for regular articles that explore the challenges and opportunities facing our children today.

Personalized Learning Journeys: Personal & Educational Therapy

As an educational therapist and experienced educator, I offer personalized classes and therapy sessions tailored to each child’s unique learning needs. These individualized programs ensure that every student can thrive and reach their full potential.

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At LearnTravelPlay, we are passionate about blending travel with education, offering a holistic learning approach that prepares children for a global future. Explore our programs and join us on this extraordinary educational journey to transform the way your children learn about the world.

Aspiring Digital Nomads

Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle with your family means merging work
and travel into a seamless lifestyle that offers an unparalleled sense of
freedom and fulfillment. 

Navigating the Challenges and Rewards

The digital nomad lifestyle brings its unique set of challenges and rewards, especially for families. Here’s what we’ve learned: Connectivity Is Key: Always have a plan for internet access. Invest in reliable.

Family Focus: Making Travel Work for Everyone

Traveling as a family means accommodating everyone's needs and ensuring that the journey is enjoyable for each member: - Inclusive Planning: Include all family members in the travel planning process.

Transitioning from Traditional Roles to Digital Nomads

For those in traditional roles curious about transitioning to a digital nomad lifestyle: -Skill Adaptation: We guide professionals on how to adapt their current.


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Explore our journey and learn through our comprehensive resources tailored for digital nomad families: Participate in sessions discussing everything from remote work setups to handling family dynamics and education on the road.