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As a seasoned educator and educational therapist, I offer a range of innovative courses that go beyond traditional learning to address the diverse needs and interests of students. I lead my life traveling with my children and integrating their education through both online and traditional schooling across various countries. This personal experience informs the unique and dynamic approach I bring to my teaching.
Customized Curriculum

Gifted and Advanced Students: Specialized courses for gifted students preparing for exclusive programs, standardized tests, and competitive exams. National Geographic Approach: As a certified National Geographic educator, I incorporate their resources and methodologies into my teaching. This includes a focus on global history, geography, and environmental sustainability, similar to the themes explored in National Geographic’s publications and documentaries.

Entrepreneurial Skills: Business classes that nurture entrepreneurial mindsets, teaching students about money management, investing, and business principles.
Comprehensive Educational Programs

Language and Literature: Courses that cultivate a love for reading and literary analysis, exploring world literature and teaching the art of writing. Holistic Learning: Programs that encourage environmental sustainability, critical thinking, and a broad worldview.
Personalized Learning Journeys

Individual Attention: Each course is tailored to the specific needs and interests of the student, ensuring personalized and effective learning experiences.

Engaging and Interactive: My classes are designed to be engaging, interactive, and aligned with the future needs of students.

If you are interested in my online classes, please reach out to me via the provided contact information. I will work with you to understand your or your child’s unique needs and determine how I can best support their educational journey

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