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About Dr. Carole

From my early years of globe-trotting due to my diverse heritage, I was exposed to a multitude of cultures that instilled in me a passion for exploring and understanding the world. This curiosity blossomed into a career that spans psychology, education, and entrepreneurship. I hold a Doctorate in Psychology and have studied at prestigious institutions including McGill University and Harvard Business School. My professional journey includes significant experience as an entrepreneur working in both North American and International markets, which has equipped me with profound insights into the challenges that women face in the business world.
Specialization and Approach: I specialize in providing straightforward and effective psychological services tailored for professional women, focusing on issues such as childhood trauma, divorce, anxiety, professional/life transitions, and depression. My approach integrates trauma-informed therapy with my experiences as a war survivor, immigrant, and polyglot who speaks over six languages. This unique blend of personal and professional insights helps me offer empathetic and effective support to women navigating the complexities of both personal trauma and professional challenges.

Remote Therapy

My practice extends to online therapy, which overcomes technological and geographical barriers, providing flexible and timely care. This mode of therapy is particularly beneficial for addressing the immediate needs of clients experiencing depression, anxiety, and trauma, and allows them to access support in a manner that fits their busy lifestyles.


Whether you are seeking to heal from past traumas, manage life transitions, enhance your emotional health, or tackle professional challenges, I am here to provide the clarity and support you need. My services are designed to empower you to understand and navigate your emotions, build resilience, and make meaningful changes in your life. I am committed to creating a confidential, supportive environment where clients can feel safe to explore and address their concerns under the guidance of a qualified psychologist.