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Core Therapy

Focused on individual growth and healing, Core Therapy offers personalized sessions that provide a safe and supportive environment to explore thoughts, emotions, and life experiences.

Trauma Recovery Therapy
Specialized therapy sessions designed to address and heal from childhood and adult trauma, including issues related to pregnancy, infertility, and child loss.
Educational & Behavioral Support
Supports children and adolescents who are struggling academically, emotionally, or behaviorally.
Family & Cultural Adaptation Therapy
Provides guidance and resources for families dealing with challenges such as trauma histories, giftedness, learning challenges, relocation, and cultural adaptation.
hands-holding-globeExperiential Growth Therapy

Innovative therapy programs that integrate travel experiences, national geographic learning, and playful activities to facilitate personal growth, healing, and skill-building. 

Integrated Wellness Therapy
A comprehensive approach that combines traditional therapeutic techniques with experiential learning, play, and exploration to promote overall well-being.