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Current Project: Fiji - SotaTale Cultural Centre

In 2014, after the birth of our first son, we were overjoyed. However, I soon faced the challenge of secondary infertility, a condition where women struggle to conceive again after having one child. From 2014 to 2018, I endured multiple miscarriages and the psychological toll that came with it. Despite seeking medical help, I found little support from the Western medical community.

In a turn of fate, I was recommended to try traditional Fijian massages, which differ significantly from conventional massages. These rudimentary massages, performed by an elderly woman, involved her running her fingers along what she described as blocked blood vessels in my womb. She believed these blockages prevented proper cleansing and menstruation, thus affecting my fertility. After just three sessions of these massages, I became pregnant, ending four years of struggle and bringing immense gratitude towards Fijian natural medicine and cultural traditions.

The Birth of a New Project

When we visited Fiji last year, we spent time in Sigatoka, learning about the local communities and their struggles, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. The elders, who are the custodians of Fijian traditions and customs, were at risk, and the younger generations had moved away from traditional living, threatening the preservation of their heritage.

Building the SotaTale Cultural Centre

The SotaTtale Cultural Centre is a project currently underway in Fiji, aimed at preserving and promoting the unique culture of the Indigenous Fijian community. This center will serve as a hub for cultural education, traditional crafts, and community gatherings. Our goal is to create a sustainable model that supports the local economy while enriching the cultural heritage of the region. The center will provide educational programs that teach traditional skills, create job opportunities through the production and sale of traditional crafts, and host cultural events that attract tourism and foster cultural pride. By focusing on these areas, we aim to empower the community, preserve their rich cultural heritage, and build economic resilience.

Services and Impact of the Cultural Centre

The SotaTale Cultural Centre will provide a wide range of services and have a significant impact on the community by:

1. Cultural Preservation and Education:
  • Hosting workshops and classes to teach traditional skills such as mat weaving, pottery, wood carving, and traditional dressmaking.
  • Offering programs in traditional Fijian massage and medicinal plant knowledge.
  • Ensuring these traditions are passed down to the next generations, fostering pride and continuity in Fijian heritage.

2. Economic Development:
  • Enabling artisans to create and sell products such as beekeeping products, virgin coconut oil, coffee, Fijian tobacco, basket weaving, kava, Tapa traditional fabric, and coconut cup scrapers.
  • Supporting the production and packaging of sustainable farm products and salt on-site.
  • Facilitating the sale of these products through local businesses, airports, duty-free shops, and tourism outlets.

3. Tourism and Community Engagement:
  • Attracting tourists through cultural experiences, workshops, and events that showcase Fijian traditions and crafts.
  • Providing a platform for tourists to engage with and learn about Fijian culture, enhancing their travel experience.
  • Creating a sustainable source of income for the community by leveraging the tourism industry.

4. Empowerment and Sustainable Living:
  • Providing the younger generation with the incentive to learn traditional skills by creating viable economic opportunities.
  • Ensuring that the community uses the land productively and sustainably.
  • Empowering individuals to earn fair wages, improving their standard of living and reducing reliance on minimal-paying jobs.

Support and Progress

We rely on grants, community support, and the generosity of individuals who value these initiatives. Our project has garnered support from key players like the city, Fiji Tourism, and we are actively seeking funding from local initiatives to carry out our mission.


Upon completion, the SotaTale Cultural Centre will provide economic resilience and preserve the tradition and culture for over 100 families. This center will offer a space where the elderly can teach traditional skills and practices, including medicinal massages, to the younger generations, ensuring that these invaluable traditions are not lost.